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Serving Thai food in New York.


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Been waiting to try this place since it opened. No good Thai in the area since Inwood Thai closed. This was excellent all around, Red curry, Musselman Curry, Larb, Spring rolls - all first rate. Portions were good sized and delivery was on time. Great place.


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So thankful there is now good Thai in the Heights/Inwood (the other highly rated Thai place is a watery joke). Food was fresh and flavorful. Prices are reasonable for what you get. Will definitely be ordering from here again soon.


1 review
I ordered the tom yum soup with sticky rice along with the thai dumplings, everything was so good I loved it. And the order came before the set time. I've gone to tung thong before and their food never dissapoints.


Top Reviewer
Way better than its predecessor. If you ate here in the few months after its opening than you should really give it another chance. Its first few months were rough but it is great thai food now.


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Everything is fresh and very flavorful. I love the ginger shrimp and drunken noodles but literally everything I've tried was good. They are always on time or early. Best in the neighborhood!

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4 reviews
I love the food. I am not crazy about the delivery personelle, however. Once, recently, the person was in such a rush that he didn't even pause his phone conversation to give me my food. He jetted away immediately after handing it to me and I had to run after him to tell him that he spilled my soup. Today I think it may have been the same person. He rang the buzzer but when I asked who was there, he didn't even seem to hear me because he was on the phone, speaking in another language. So I presumed it was the wrong number. He had to call back to say it was delivery. Again when he gave me my food, he was still on the phone and he jetted off immediately after handing it to me . This is poor service.


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***Gluten Free****
We ordered and had delivered 4 lunch specials all Gluten Free. We had 2 pad Thai, and 2 curry dishes. When they came, the dumpling sauce which is not Gluten Free had spilled into the Pad Thai. I called them and they replaced it right away and were very good about it and redelivered new Pad Thai dishes! Now that is service! The food is excellent and the service was really good too! I highly recommend it!


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I've eaten in restaurants all over the world and I feel compelled to go out of my way and let everyone know that your Short Ribs Massaman Curry is probably THE most delicious dish I've ever eaten, anywhere, in any cuisine. Period, bar none. I don't know who the genius is who came up with it, but they deserve a raise. I have no affiliation with this restaurant and this is not a paid endorsement of any kind. Just sayin'...


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I ordered the yellow curry and it said it was going to take an hour. It arrived in 15 minutes! Woo! It was so good. It wasn't very thick so you may need a spoon. But still very delicious. So many great flavors! The potatoes actually tasted kind of bad so I didn't eat them. (less carbs, I guess?) But overall, I would totally order from here again! Big portions, I'm so satisfied.


2 reviews
This Thai restaurant is a lot better than the other Thai restaurant in my neighborhood. Our Order was a big one but it came half an hour early which was awesome. The food was excellent. Everything from the Thai beef basil to the 5 stars chicken entree and curry puffs to and the fried ice cream was out of this world. Will definitely order tung thong for Thai from now on.

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